Monday, April 4, 2011


Andrew and I hadn't been camping in about 6 years. We love camping. We have no excuse. 

At the end of summer 2010, we started hiking more. We joined the Georgia State Parks Friends of the Parks, we joined the Canyon Climbers Club, and the geocaching community. When it got cold again, we resolved to spend more time next summer outdoors, enjoying nature.

A couple weeks ago it started getting warm again in GA, and we started itching to hike some more and finally camp. We've had a tent and air mattress, sleeping bags, flashlights, and some other gear, since we got married, and we've used it once. So we made lists, shopped for more gear like a propane burner to cook on, tin plates and cookware to dedicate to camping, lanterns, head lamps, etc. Andrew made a detailed list, planner that he is, and organized a "camping box" full of supplies. A week ago, we set up the tent in our backyard to make sure all the parts were accounted for. Last Saturday night, we filled the cooler, the box, and our backpacks with clothes and all the supplies we would need for an overnight trip and several short hikes over two days.

We left Sunday morning and hiked for geocaches at two state parks on our way down to the park we would camp at. Around dinner time, we arrived at Seminole State Park, pulled into our camp spot, and sat in the car as I finished reading Andrew a Wendell Berry short story. Suddenly he sat up. "We forgot the air mattress!" I assured him it was okay. That we could clear the ground below the tent and be comfortable enough with our thick sleeping bags. Then he said, "We forgot the tent."

Though he'd made a detailed list, I am also the designated last-pass-double-checker. We had rushed out the door, getting a later start than we'd hoped for, and each counting on the other to think of everything. The tent and the air mattress sit in the garage on the side of the car I got in on. Yet I didn't see them, and Andrew took for granted that he'd packed them. In our rush and excitement, we forgot the tent.

So we slept in the car last night. Just a different kind of roughing it, I said. Spent the rest of today hiking out the kinks. This won't be our last attempt at camping, but it almost doesn't seem like a first attempt since we didn't even sleep in a tent.

Still, we picked out a beautiful spot next to a wetlands area. In the video you can hear the chorus of frogs, birds, crickets, and whatever else was out there. Doesn't matter what you sleep in, any night is great if you can fall asleep and wake up to this.

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  1. How did we not hear this story? Sounds like our experience forgetting the rain flap on our tent....and it raining all night. Thank goodness for an extra tarp from a friend!