Monday, April 11, 2011


This A-to-Z April blogging challenge is getting hard!

True to my nature, I wait until 11:40pm to decide what to write for the letter I, which is supposed to be published before midnight. Not that I haven't been thinking about it all day... Seriously-- Imagination. Inspiration. Inquisitiveness. Introductions. Introversion. All in the running.

Earlier tonight, Andrew and I searched our Netflix instant queue to find something to watch. He knew he wanted a light kind of movie, of which we don't have very many. So we quickly narrowed the list to either Toy Story 3 or Blazing Saddles. Then Andrew said my two least favorite words:

"You pick."

Nooooooooo! When I don't really care, and someone else is involved in the results of my decision, it's torture for me to pick between two fine options. After several iterations of "I don't care," "Either one is fine with me," and Andrew continuing to insist that I "just pick one," I soon realized I was rocking back and forth clutching my knees to my chest. "Look what you've done to me!" I said. And finally, "Fine! Toy Story 3." Meanwhile Andrew found me thoroughly amusing.

How convenient that "Indecisive" begins with today's letter. And after tossing around ideas all day, I finally realize the root of my problem and decide to go ahead and write about indecision.

Andrew asked me what I would have done if I was by myself, wanted to watch a movie, but didn't have a particular one in mind. I said it's different if no one else is affected by my decision. But when there are other people, I like to make sure everyone is happy.

In fact, I realize now, the question is irrelevant (another "I" word!), because I probably wouldn't even think to watch a movie unless I had a particular one in mind. I told him if it were just me tonight, I'd probably re-watch Anchorman. But then again, I might read or play the piano, or work on my translation, or play with the cats. I don't plan these kinds of things.

Hmmm. Maybe I'm never indecisive in my own free time because I just go with the flow--whatever I feel like doing, I do. Then again, I don't know. Maybe some other reason. You pick.


  1. oh me too!!!!!!! UGH i am so indecisive it drives *me* crazy. ick

    but you're right, when its just me I pick whatever and am fine with it but if someone else is involved I want everyone to be happy so its hard for me to decide. Jason is on to this too and teases me.... hahahaha

  2. Just settle it and speak your mind - it is that easy. Maybe you don't really care and it is too hard to figure it out. It forces you to examine your interests, likes and dislikes which is very healthy.

  3. I'm getting a good visual of the "rocking back and forth". Yep, I can see it :)