Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month--every April, all April:

Poets do not necessarily all make a practice of writing in lines on a page, though I love those who do.

What makes a poet?

irish sea / construction wall / old man / pup

Poets can hold both sides of the coin to be true. Poets, plumbing their unique pains, reach universal insights into life on earth. Poets create meaning in the very act of wrestling with meaninglessness. Poets know that the shortest distance between two points isn't always a straight line. They'll ride an old bike when a car would be efficient.

The world needs more poets--people who know things without having an explanation for them. People who know that often Truth doesn't arrive to us in data, nor even words, but around and in between words.

Wall Street needs more poets,

Washington needs more poets,

Churches needs more poets (albeit Jesus was a poet),

School boards need more poets,

Banks need more poets,

Every family needs a poet,

Every person needs a poet in their life.

Go find a poet today and be their friend! Or better yet, go practice being a poet today!


  1. Mission accomplished :) Now to just have my poet friend influence me more..... ~Kim

  2. We will just have to hang out soon, Kim. ;)