Saturday, February 25, 2012

we'll run like we're awesome

OK, so this doesn't have anything to do with writing, I don't think. But in a way, maybe. Inspiration comes in a multitude of ways. Sometimes, changing things up a bit can get the creative juices flowing. For instance, a runner can be inspired to run more just from a new pair of shoes.

Which is, in fact, my topic.

tent sale
I don't usually buy *New* things at a *Store*. But since I've been planning and researching and considering these items for at least a couple years, I finally went out and bought them. I opted to visit a local family-owned place that specializes in athletic/casual shoes and clothes. Smith & Davis Clothing. In fact, I'm friends with the owner's granddaughter. Love that!

After I browsed for a couple minutes, one of the employees approached and commented on what I was looking at. He explained the shoe and the different models and the best way to get started using them. He measured my foot, picked out my size, and helped me try them on. Which is, let's just say, a bit more challenging than normal. I can't wait to slowly but surely break these in!

They're the weirdest looking shoe, but they're made to help you run more like the human body was designed to run--almost like barefoot. Our feet and legs are built with an intricate spring-like system which we don't use when we wear traditional running shoes. We practically counteract that innate workmanship. But these shoes let the feet do what they're supposed to do, which allows the runner to run stronger, healthier, and more efficiently. I'm supposed to run short distances in them for a couple weeks, and gradually get up to running my (ideal) 9-12 miles a week. Maybe more. Who knows!

Oh, I also bought these, which inspire me cause they're FUN!

I've been thinking about getting a pair of toms for a while now. I love their one-for-one model of giving new shoes to a child in need. Between saving up some $$ in my clothing budget and using some of the money I got from my parents as a graduation gift, I was able to buy two pairs of shoes AT ONCE. Which is almost unheard of from me. I'm not a big shopper.

So there's my fun, fluffy, Saturday-morning post. The plan for the rest of the day: read a little of From Where You Dream, take a short run in my new shoes, work on a new story. Maybe go exploring & geocaching with Andrew after that.

Hope you have a refreshing, inspiring weekend.

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