Friday, April 20, 2012

considering recognition

I take issue with something I said in my last post. I've been thinking about it ever since I re-read it right after publishing:

"...this kind of recognition from a journal like Glimmer Train bolsters my legitimacy..."

I think I let the excitement get to my head a little bit. Perhaps the nod bolsters my legitimacy in the eyes of other publishers. But I don't believe, nor do I want to propagate the idea that outside recognition (i.e. awards, publication, record deals, etc.) gives legitimacy to a person's writing (or any creative work). Lord knows plenty of men and women never received that recognition in their lifetime and yet we view their work as some of the most "legitimate" forms of art enduring today.

However, it is affirming that I'm on the right track. That's all--an affirmation of what I already knew I wanted to devote my life to. I'm grateful, excited, but not a better writer than I was before I got an honorable mention. Ha! Thanks for letting me vent.

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