Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Consider yourself, one of the family...

Introducing Oliver. The newest foster to chase string around here. Last Sunday, a friend I work with saw someone pull into their neighborhood's clubhouse parking lot, set him out of the car, and drive off. She called me that afternoon to ask if I knew anyone who was looking for a cat. They took him in, bought him litter and kitten food (he's probably around 3 months old) and gave him a safe home for a few days, but they couldn't keep him.

Talk about perfect timing...

I should have written about it, but I think I was trying to hide what a softy I am: about a month ago our foster cat Sally found a new home. She's doing very well, but the first couple days without her were rough for me. I kept expecting to see her in the window or jumping up on the bed with me or running out in front of me with that "chase me" look on her face. She was one of the best cats I'd ever had, and it was tough to give her to her forever home, as much as I love where she is now. We had her for over a year. Same with Carson. He's about to join his forever home, too. He picked our cable technician, Bobby. Both times Bobby's visited, Carson couldn't leave his side.

All that to say, we have space for a new foster and then my coworker finds this little lion.

So I picked him up yesterday after work. When I get to their house, my friend's husband hands me the cat and as I'm holding him and looking at him, the name Oliver comes to me. Oliver Twist was homeless, kind of, but I think I thought of the name because of this movie I loved when I was 5.

The whole 35-minute car ride home, he rides on my lap, yowling from time to time. His last car ride didn't end so well... Once home he gets to stay in the "quarantine" room for the first week to make sure he's not sick (he looks really healthy though). And to give the other cats time to get used to his smell before they meet face to face.

I think he wore himself out

This guy's going to get adopted fast! He's young, extremely well-behaved and affectionate, and darn cute. As hard as it is fostering cats, I couldn't quit. Not with cats like Oliver who need homes.


  1. Looks like he took over "our" bedroom and is comfortable and happy there.
    Have fun...