Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manifesto for the open-hearted in controversy and in senseless violence

In my desire for justice & equality, may I not de-humanize those who disagree with my convictions.

May love and graciousness be my 1st & only response to a perceived enemy.

May I be slow to speak in anger and quick to act in reconciliation.

May only words of truth & empathy pass my lips or be written by my hands, that I may not slander even my enemy.

When others yell eye-for-an-eye, may I quietly listen for the small voice of compassion.

May I not try to be clever in my self-righteousness (or falsely humble).

In my desire for truth, may I not settle for the easy explanation that suits what I already want to believe.

May I be quick to give the benefit of the doubt, and when all doubt is gone, may I be quick to forgive, even when it’s not asked.

May I uphold another’s dignity even at the cost of my entitlements.

May my only defenses be a sifting of truth from lies and my own life lived as consistently as possible.


  1. Perfectly lovely and just and BEAUTIFUL! So timely, and well well put in to such a picture of God.

    I know that my view on the killer from last week is not a popular one, for me it's simple. "Who does God love more? The murderer, or the murdered?"

    Both the same.

  2. This is wonderful, Sarah. My goals and convictions are the same -- to live authentically and compassionately and to always seek out (and accept) the truth of any situation, individual and/or state with which I'm confronted. It can be difficult sometimes (to forgive, especially), but it's always worth it, for my own well-being as much as, if not more than, others'. This post is a great reminder of that.