Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 what?

Damien's 30th Birthday

How do I feel about turning 30? I've always loved birthdays, and this one's no different. In fact, I had my big weird freak-out at 29 when I decided to run a marathon. Since I got that out of the way, I really loved turning 30. 

A few pieces to the puzzle of my life have come together in a way that leads me to be more optimistic about this decade:

I know there will continue to be setbacks, but I received two big opportunities just before my birthday. I was accepted to a writing workshop in Hindman, Kentucky for Appalachian writers. And I was invited to write a column on Hothouse Magazine, the first piece of which posted today. A writer's life is filled with waiting and rejection, both of which I've learned to deal with. Just makes good news like this so much sweeter.

Also, I feel as though I'm growing into my voice as a writer. It may be naive to think so, but I'm going with it anyway. My twenties were filled with untested confidence, then misgivings, then questioning/discarding everything, and now rebuilding and healing. Partly because of all that, and partly because I went through a magical, supportive, and challenging MFA program at Lesley University, my writing has changed drastically, as have my sensibilities and sensitivities. I spent my 20s becoming comfortable in my own skin, and I think I'm a better writer for it. 
Still there's a long way to go, I hope.

Look how cute Robert Frost is...

[Robert Frost, poet, poses with his birthday cake on his 85th birthday]

...If I can keep reaching for that truer voice inside me, keep growing, keep hustling for new opportunities, maybe if I make it to 85, I'll have half the spark this guy did.


  1. Happy birthday, and congratulations on the good news!

  2. Yes, Robert Frost is adorable. :-) Here's to the next 30 years... and all the wonderful writing with which you fill and fuel them.

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah :D 30's a big year!

  4. It was in my 30's that I realized that I could be myself regardless of what others thought about me. I really didn't have to be who others wanted me to be which was one of the lies I had believed. I experienced much more of life and freedom to be the person God created me to be. Happy 30th Birthday awesome daughter. You have changed our lives forever and brought us so much joy. We cannot imagine how life would be if God had not given us this miracle. He is so good.
    Love you so much,